Mum and Home arises from a mixture of my passion for home decor (home) and the traditional and creative art of the women and mothers in my family (mum). In all of my childhood memories their houses appear to be full of magical details. Places with soul where time has stopped and that over the years have been the source of my inspiration.



My love for the environment has caused me to lean heavily on sustainable design. The craftsmanship of our limited edition products is the hallmark of the brand. In addition, all items are made from organic materials produced by local businesses.

All of my collections feature simple lines and demonstrate my understanding of life and decoration: the slow life. Exclusive designs and attention to detail that nonetheless keep track of the latest trends.



Photography is another one of my great passions. Special places, travel, everyday scenes… Immortalising environments or objects that arouse my creative side is one of the things I like to do.



At Mum and Home we like to take care of every detail regarding our orders. We have therefore opted for very special packaging that highlights the value of the brand. I hope you like it as much as we do!

Marta Sanabria

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